My day as a ZOMBIE


My day as a ZOMBIE. Well, when you live in the quaint, little town of Senoia, Georgia, you almost always encounter a ZOMBIE or two as the filming for AMC’s “Walking Dead” is filmed here in my hometown.

A group of Atlanta execs were coming to town for a tour and my good friend, Michelle Helmeczy, who has played a “walker” on the hit tv show for four seasons, asked me to come over. Okay, how hard can it be?!

Well, in makeup for about an hour and 1/2, being sprayed with blood, and ripping my good clothes, I learned how hard it was to be play ‘dead.’ ( I do not envy her)

We joked and laughed when we were not scaring small children and the “executives” from Atlanta and even ‘stalked’ a bus load of tourists. So, fun day!

I love all of my “Walking Dead” friends and salute you for another season! (I am perfectly content sitting at my little computer writing historical novels, your job is way too hard!)




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