If you want to see your own finished novel, your baby, your devoted time consumer, your dreams, and your WORDS flashed up on a big screen as your “FINISHED NOVEL” you must start somewhere.

Find your passion. Write what you know and CREATE what you do not.

One of the best resources I have used while writing my novels is a book by Jeff Gerke, “Write Your Novel in A Month.” Go out and buy it if you can or download it.

It will give you step by step instructions on how to craft your first novel.

Pay attention to detail. Do your research. Your main character should be carefully detailed.

  1. A great name; one perhaps reflective of her/his journey in the novel
  2. A flaw; something which makes her unique
  3. Hair color and eye color
  4. Create a back story for her. Parents, grandparents, lineage
  5. WRITE

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