New Year’s Eve 2016


We sit here on the brink of Year’s end waiting, watching, and listening.

I am a list maker, so I have pen and paper ‘at the ready’ to begin all of my New Year’s Resolutions, but probably won’t actually getting around to making the list.

As most folks do this time of year, I resolve to lose a few pounds. Not for ‘bathing suit’ quality photos, but for my health. (That is what we all tell ourselves).

I resolve to spend more time reading my bible. (Which I am studying like mad nowadays as my new novel is about spiritual warfare.)

Mostly, New Year’s Eve encourages us to usher out the old and welcome in the new. I embrace my ‘old’ projects which I prefer to call ‘classics’ and continue to diligently write historical fiction.

BUT, the ‘new’ for me will be introducing my readers to my latest project, “Harken Alexander and the Torn Veil.” We will be discussing demonic oppression while learning of the fallen angels and their evil influence here on earth!

I will be putting out teasers for the new novel as well as encouraging those of you who are reluctant believers in the ‘fallen angel’ category by sending you on a quest to look for the actual scriptures in the bible

My genre category for the new book will be “Magical Realism”; however, I will let my readers decided what is real and what is not!

Look out for the coming posts on the novel and listen carefully to those voices around you.

You are familiar with the childhood prayer of, “Now I lay me down to sleep.” We know God can hear our prayers, but who else is listening . . . ?

“Harken Alexander and the Torn Veil” will answer this question.
Coming in 2017 . . .


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