“Harken Alexander and The Sacred Dagger”

When you lay down at night and say your prayers, we know God can hear you . . . but who else is listening?!

Join my on my newest journey as I take you into the world of “Harken” to learn more about an invisible battle we fight every, single day!

Learn about a mysterious fog  . . .

Search for an explanation to why this concrete dove appeared on the tomb of a Union Soldier mysteriously in 1864. (It is part of a riddle).


There is a family; known as the Frequency, who have the power to hear the voices of the fallen angels. They are descended from Malchus, the Roman Solider, who lost his ear to Peter’s sword. Jesus restored and healed him, giving all born into his family lineage the power to ‘hear’ the fallen. The Frequency have the power to locate demons and destroy them. It is their mission to stop Satan’s legions and close the remaining gates of hell forever.

Lucifer and his band of demons are gaining strength believing they have destroyed the last of the Frequency. Soon they will have enough souls to swing the gates of hell wide open and once again make a stand against the Angels of Heaven.

Harken Alexander, a fifteen-year-old farm girl, begins hearing strange and unexplained sounds around her family’s farm in Plains, Georgia. Fearful something is wrong with her, she seeks answers. She learns she is a direct descendent of the Frequency. She will inherit her full gift on her sixteenth birthday; the tenth month; fourth day (10-4), the birthday of the Frequency.

Tasked with finding the sacred dagger, she must navigate her new found power, battle unseen evil, and close the first gate of hell before the demon’s claim her beloved uncle’s soul forever.


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