Enter at your own risk! First of all, welcome, I am happy to have you visit. In order to be a good writer, you must be a good reader. I have always loved to read and share stories.

Here is a collection of my earliest favorites.

My childhood favorites!

I have been blessed with the gift of ‘gab’ since birth. I love people AND I love to hear their stories.

As a writer, I love to engage young readers, teach them something, but without them knowing they are ┬ábeing taught. History is my passion. I always say, “You must know where you have been in order to know where you are going!”

East Coweta High School Students with the new poster of my latest novel.


I proudly serve on the Coweta County Board of Education. I represent over 22,500 public school students and I am honored to say we are an award winning board. I have spent seven years with these folks and I love every minute of it!

Take a “bite” out of a good book!

Living in the small town of Senoia, Georgia where they film “The Walking Dead” I have been known to embrace the ‘zombie’ a time or two. Here with my dear friend, Michelle Helmeczy who works as a full time zombie on the show.

Most of all, have fun! Read and enjoy~


My first story for “Chicken Soup”



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